Quality Mission Statement


Yibo Inc is committed to “Total Customer Satisfaction” through Food Safety and Quality in Product Development, Design, Manufacture, and Service of its Soy Sauce product. Our company’s management is committed to building industry leadership by providing Total Food Safety for customer and consumers satisfaction through the result of collective effort and commitment from all of its team members .

In order to live up to our Food Safety policy and objectives, our company supplies products efficiently, economically, and on time within standards that consistently meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. This is accomplished through a continuing program to improve upon operational procedures and systems while striving to supply our customer’s products with no defects and/or recalls. 

Products supplied by our company will conform to the standards set forth by the State and Federal guidelines, as well as SQF version 8.1, while adhering to the HACCP and GMP policies created by the Food Safety Team. The Management Team is responsible for providing direct leadership and resources to ensure continued conformance to these requirements.